"Classes on the Net" in small schools. Innovate through shared lessons in (multi-grade) open and isolated classrooms


The article presents the "Classi in rete" teaching model, which was tested in Québec and is based on the pedagogical concept of class as Knowledge Building community. The model was brought to Italy for the first time in the context of Abruzzo small schools. Following a design-based research methodological approach (Sandoval, 2014), this work presents the results of an initiative that involved 23 teachers (14 from primary school and 7 from lower secondary school) and 183 students (129 from primary school and 54 from lower secondary school). Specifically, this work is aimed at understanding whether the experience with online classes has favored a change in the teaching practices and strategies of teachers, and what elements must be taken into account for its improvement. The analysis, on one side, is based on the data collected from a structured quantitative survey aimed at understanding the impact that the model had in the experimental classes, in terms of collaboration, interdisciplinarity, reorganization of times and workspaces. On the other side, the analysis is based on a qualitative analysis founded on focus groups with teachers and their classes built starting from the identification of dimensions of investigation concerning the propension to change in teaching, already present in the literature.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.14668/QTimes_13412