Educating for well-being and emotional awareness in Primary school: the Mindfulness workshop

The Sars-CoV-2 pandemic has created a significant revolution in the way emotions are expressed, stress management, interpersonal relationships and lifestyle. Most affected has been schools where stress levels, in particular, in students and teachers have risen. In such a scenario - taking into consideration the indications coming from Agenda 2030, LifeComp (2020) and GreenComp (2022) - the practice of mindfulness can be useful to increase concentration, promote well-being and better management of emotions in the learning process of girls and boys in the classroom. Activities to teach them to be mindful are presented progressively, starting with the external environment and then through meditation exercises. The experience presented here - which is exclusively configured as a critical reflection on an instructional practice - was focused on a fifth-grade elementary school class and was intended to be configured, above all, as a path of emotional accompaniment for the management of the delicate moment of transition from elementary school to secondary school.