Educating to active aging through multimodal interventions of social robotics. Pilot exploratory survey

Within the framework of a strategy of attention to the life cycle (Pinto Minerva, 2012; WHO, 2011), the pedagogy of the elderly (Musaio, 2020) approaches the theme of care (Mortari, 2006; Iori, 2008) through the promotion of the person in his uniqueness, in consideration of the networks in which he is inserted and the services he can benefit from in the aging process (Mariani, 2013). This contribution reports a transdisciplinary project (Massaro, Perla, 2021) aimed at improving the quality of life of young elderly people through personalized multimodal training mediated by humanoid robots in the life context (Paletta et alii, 2019; Perla, Massaro 2021). The contribution focuses on an exploratory pilot survey of nursing homes workers' representations of technological innovation in social-health facilities and, more specifically, of telemedicine as support in professional routines.