Formative scenarios between narrative and metaphor: pedagogical practices and educational implications


The paper seeks to examine educational potentialities and implications belonging to a pedagogical action which resorts to narrative and metaphoric language as key for a rereading of the invisible dimension of formation, fostering the encounter and comparison with the latency sphere otherwise inaccessible. Thanks to its ingrained connection with emotionality, the metaphoric word stands as fruitful investigation method and effective instrument for educative intervention which supports the pedagogist in promoting educative practices aiming at working on the self able to encourage an overview on one’s own life story avoiding a sterile dichotomy rational/irrational, cognitive/affective. The metaphor is, thus, authentic epistemic and methodological device able to bring out and to problematize, in a transformative and emancipative view, that educative latent sphere taken as those most authentic dimensions of individual identity building towards each one’s whole development.