Identify the Educational design to Promote the inclusion of students with learning disabilities: The Teachers' point of view


In recent years the school has been called to review the teaching strategies and methodologies used up to that point to respond to the educational needs of pupils with dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysorthography. The Law n. 170 of 2010 and the related guidelines have provided teachers with a series of indications to guarantee the full valorization of students with DSA in the various levels of education. Based on these considerations, this contribution presents a preliminary empirical-descriptive study aimed at exploring the innovative and active pedagogical approaches adopted by teachers to analyze their strategies and methodologies to acquire a study method for inclusive education for students with Learning Disabilities. Three Schools in the South of Italy were involved in the research and collected 100 survey answers. The results were analyzed, according to the mixed-method approach, allowing us to highlight an initial reflection on the implications, in terms of inclusion, of the teaching approaches used by teachers, both in terms of critical issues and in terms of strengths.