“Il giorno del Ricordo”. Educational path of history and cinema on the foibe's tragedy and the Julian-Dalmatian exodus


The first part of the essay analyses the importance of the audiovisual document for contemporary history and the educational and emotional function of documentary and fiction films in the teaching of 20th century history. The second part proposes a formative path with the use of the audiovisual document for teaching and learning, in the context of the complex dynamics of the short century, the dramatic events of the Italian eastern border and the Foibe, object of heated controversy and exploitation. Through the detailed files of eight films, shot from 1949 to 2018, which anticipated and stimulated research and studies, we propose a controversial didactic path to develop students’ knowledge and critical skills, so that the memory of that drama in our national history is not only a jealous memory of the refugee communities of Istria-Dalmatia, but a shared national memory.