Innovative approaches in Education for Sustainable Development: the case of the FABULA C-Plus Project

The article presents a case study dedicated to the analysis of teaching and learning resources elaborated in the scope of the FABULA C-Plus Project, developed between 2020 and 2022, through partnerships with institutions from Italy, Greece, and Spain; as well as the potentiality of these strategies to the development of competencies within the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) context. By a content analysis that explored several materials developed in the Project it is possible to verify a convergence between the trends pointed out by UNESCO, OECD, and EC as guides to ESD, once the Project proposes the adoption of innovative educational approaches characterized by interactive, gamified, and laboratory resources to develop competences and behaviors guided to a circular economy. Some gaps regarding the topics covered are identified, especially regarding the absence of the problematization of social issues crossing the emerging climate and environmental challenges.