Learning Co-Construction: from reflective practice to action. Inquiry Based Laboratory and action learning in future support teachers training


This work presents the results of an experimental research in a single group, which involved 1350 students and 120 laboratory teachers attending the 5th cycle of the specialization course for didactic support activities for kindergartens, primary, first and secondary schools. And high school of the University of Palermo held in the academic year 2020/2021. The theoretical framework within which the research is outlined is that of the Inquiry Based Laboratory (IBL) approach, Reflective Learning and Action Learning, essential to build a competent, aware and responsible teaching. The research path applied the IBL model to laboratory activities (180 hours) as a tool to enhance critical and reflective skills useful for understanding a problem and, subsequently, through the Action Learning process, to enable problem solving in a group. The results obtained show that IBL and Action Learning are the best expressions for a co-construction of learning in the presence of disabilities.