Media education as an educational framework for an ethical approach in relation to digital revolution


The Web, in its various forms and declensions, has promoted the birth of the Infosphere, an ecosystem dominated by a continuous flow of information in which both social institutions and individuals incorporate the "logic" of the media. People's lives themselves are becoming Onlife, a junction that continuously receives and redistributes information through a media process.  There is therefore the need to adopt an interpretative approach to recognise this new interface under construction, and Media Education can assume a strategic training role in this complex context because it allows the activation of practices of critical knowledge of the new media and the environment in which they are developing. The recovery of an active citizenship in the contemporary world goes from recognizing the educational processes necessary for a responsible use of the media to promoting media education as an educational framework aimed at citizenship in an ethical and political perspective.

Matteo Adamoli

  • Docente a contratto di Pedagogia generale, pedagogia della comunicazione e Digital Storytelling presso l'Università IUSVE di Venezia e Verona
  • Università Istituto Salesiano Venezia