Re-thinking educational and play spaces in nature: outdoor education in services for infants 0/6 years


The historical moment we are experiencing inevitably traces the way for an educational, social, cultural, economic, health and political change. Accepting the challenge of our times, this article intends to read the current "crisis" as a problem of commitment and responsibility on the part of educators and teachers present in childcare services 0/6 to build answers for the future, starting from the reflection on the actions to be taken to re-design the lives of each one. Specifically, the training experience entitled "Let's start with children", proposed by the Municipality of Rome, which intends - in the light of the changes that occurred during the emergency period - re-think about teaching methodologies in a transformative perspective will be deepened .The main objective is to explore the perceptual dimension of professionals that work in 0/6 services regarding Outdoor Education. This, starting from the assumption that investigating representations and ideas of outdoor space is important, in order to design lines of intervention that are authentic to the context in which it operates and promote the spread of a "living outdoors" culture, that promotes the expansion of play spaces and the opportunities for children to cultivate experiences in contact with nature.