Recensione di Oltre l’Habitus: Dialogo a più Voci con Pierre Bourdieu, tra Destino e Progetto, di Stefania Capogna, edizione Aracne, 2022


The volume proposes a reading of habitus as a mediator between social structures and individual practices (p.15, p.17, p. 84, p. 200), providing an emancipatory key for the subject. Indeed, Capogna articulates a dynamic view of habitus, presenting it not only as a factor of social reproduction but also as a platform for human agency. Crucial to the interplay between social structures and individual agency is the tension between "destiny" and "project," which is explored within an action-oriented sociological analysis against dominant structures to foster personal and collective change, thus promoting empowerment through action-research practices and transformative learning (p. 207).