Rethinking the school-family relationship: a research of distance learning in an emergency situation


The educational research is essential to deal with difficult and emergency situations, to reflect on relationships between school and family, and to qualify the process of distance education (Ciarnella & Santangelo, 2020; Nirchi, 2020; Perissinotto & Bruschi, 2020; Moretti & Morini, 2021). The purpose of the research "Distance Education at the Time of Covid/19" was to detect information during the first phase of the pandemic, in which the school was engaged by activating Distance Education (DAD). This paper presents the results of the analysis referring to the 1,333 parents who participated in the survey. From the results, evidence emerges regarding both the difficulties and the positive aspects, as well as the quality of the digital resources, which can contribute to rethinking the school-family relationship and to addressing with greater awareness the issues of educational planning and redesign.