Scholl Speadness in Sardinia and the bet of the project Tutti a Iscol@! taking place st the “Dante Alighieri” secondary school in Selargius


The scholastic spread and dispersion is a complex phenomenon that is extended to the entire education system. The international community has for a long time invested in addressing the human right that every child has at an education, which is, therefore, an inalienable right that is due to every child. This study aims to show how the founds POR FSE 2014/2020 in the Region of Sardinia have been employed to develop the program "Tutti a Iscol@!" (which translates to "Everyone at school" from Sardinian). This program has been developed to sustain and support students with special needs, as pupils that require emotional support as counselling, mentoring and extracurricular activities including sports. The involvement of families, of the society and of the city council is at the base of this project. Indeed it is believed that the limitations and faults of these are at the base of this phenomenon. In this study, we will take into consideration the material effects of this project, paying particular attention to the case of the middle schools of Selargius, in the metropolitan area of Cagliari.