School and Foster Educational Communities: networking and educational planning for the inclusion of out-of-family children


In the school, teachers are now familiar with the Ministerial Directive of December 27, 2012, which provides those who have a certification for DSA but also those who have school difficulties with access to a Personalized Learning Plan (PDP). However, there seems to be little knowledge in the school environment of the "Guidelines for the Right to Study of Pupils Outside the Family of Origin" This is a finding from a survey involving teachers from secondary schools (I and II grade) and VTC in the municipality of Genoa. The survey focused on the existing network and planning between schools and communities for the inclusion of out-of-family minors housed in Residential Educational Communities. These students often have behavioral and learning difficulties also due to cross-curricular aspects and their life histories. The paper investigates how the school includes these students and how it manages relationships with community educators in an inclusive approach.