Sport talent. A reflection on non-cognitive skills in enhancing and developing potential in the classroom

This work embraces the most recent contributions of Italian special pedagogy (Pinnelli, 2019; 2017; Sorrentino, 2020; Cinque, 2013) and of international pedagogical research (Gagné, 1985, 2004) on giftedness and talent in the sports field (Platvoet et al., 2015), as well as on approaches (Faber et al. 2021) and models of potential development in sport through physical education (Bailey and Morley, 2006; Bailey, Morley & Dismore, 2009). On the side, the results of an exploratory analysis on the construct of sports talent conducted through a focus group with a team of students of physical education (Sorrentino, 2022) will lead to a reflection on the didactic implications of this research. Considering the non-cognitive and non-motor skills in the definition of sports talent, the focus of the research will therefore be the formalization of the key elements of a curricular path that wants to enhance and support this form of talent at school.