Student Voice inside a European University Alliance: giving students the power of change

This paper aims at presenting a survey dedicated to students, which investigates the awareness and beliefs they have about being part of the European Union and a European university alliance. Indeed, the recipients of this research are students belonging to the 6 founder institutions and to the other 7 partner universities included in the UNITA Universitas Montium alliance. The purpose of the tool, that will be implemented starting from December 2022, is to represent a starting point into the promotion of a new perspective of change and innovation in the university learning field: from a transformation process thought by the institution for the students to a transformation made by the students themselves in active cooperation with all the members of the institutions of the alliance. The finality is to give birth to a common and ad hoc way of work which strives for the achievement of shared values and citizenship on people from different contexts but linked together by a common academical identity.