The different faces of the pandemic. A pedagogical view to redesign an inclusive school

The pandemic has had a strong impact on the psyche, emotions, sociability, behavior and lifestyles of adolescents and its prolongation is defined as a "secondary pandemic" because it is a less tangible, visible and quantifiable consequence than the primary one that every day invades official communications. A pandemic that seems to escape the news, perhaps due to the politically "subversive" meaning it contains. In fact, unlike the primary pandemic, the secondary is not defeated only with the vaccine or drugs but with political, social and educational choices. Starting from the analysis and discussion of some open responses of an exploratory survey carried out in 2020 and addressed to students, teachers and families, the article intends to address some pedagogical perspectives of teaching, teaching professionalism and the new school-family relationship to try to rethink our complex era in the light of the needs and voices of those who live it, plan it and share it every day.