The Making Learning and Thinking Visible approach. What is the state of the art?

The article presents a summary of the main outcomes of the project titled “Making Learning and Thinking Visible”, an initiative resulting from the collaboration between the Harvard Graduate School of Education (Boston, MA), INDIRE and three upper secondary schools in Italy. The paper will describe the different phases of the project that led to the inclusion of MLTV within the gallery of “Ideas” of Educational Avant-Garde, a Movement founded by INDIRE in 2014, aimed at spreading innovation and experimentation, involving more than 1.400 schools. In particular, the article illustrates the results of the research dealing with the gradual expansion of MLTV from the 3 schools involved in the pilot phase to the 15 schools in the second phase of the project, aiming at an even wider distribution among all the schools of “Avanguardie Educative”, especially in pre-primary, primary and lower secondary school, which is the domain of the present collaborative research activity.