The relational aspect of the school-family relationship at the time of Covid-19: a reflection in terms of inclusion of students with disabilities


This article describes the results of a research that involved 814 school operators on the inclusive processes activated in the school during the lockdown. The survey, conducted through the administration of a questionnaire, was aimed at understanding if and how much DaD has succeeded in ensuring inclusive processes for pupils with BES. In particular, it was analyzed the collaboration between school operators and parents in guaranteeing effective personalized didactic paths and adequate interpersonal relationships for students with greater difficulties. From the research it emerges that the family has shown great collaboration and has favored the learning of children with BES, although in many cases, the effectiveness of DaD has not had the desired results due to the severity of the pathology of some students, the inadequate technological skills of many parents, the use of obsolete devices and connections by some families.