The restorative programmes of adolescent offenders in residential care: a focus on the role of educators

Residential care experiences are heterogeneous, as well as educators’ practices and educational models of reference. Challenges faced by residential care to meet increasingly heterogenous emerging needs (Marchesini et al., 2019) and the need to act at systemic level, raises questions on educators’ work with adolescent offenders as well as their skills and training. Starting from existing data and national and international regulations in the field of Restorative Justice (Ministero della Giustizia, 2022; D.lgs. 121/2018; Recommendation CM/Rec (2018) 8), this paper reflects on the educational role of residential care for children and youth in the juvenile justice system. The main focus will be on the role of educators both as everyday adolescent carers and enablers of adolescent accountability in restorative programmes.