The role of the IEP in the construction of the Life Project of people with impairment


Since the Guidelines for school integration, it is made explicit that the life project is an integral part of the IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and “concerns the personal and social growth of student with disabilities” (MIUR Guidelines, 2009). The connection between IEP and life project is reaffirmed by the legislative decree n. 66/2017 and taken up by the new models of IEP (approved by interministerial decree n. 182/2020) which highlights the importance of educational co-responsibility – between curricular teacher and support teacher – of students with impairment, focusing on the utility of involving them in decisions related to their own life project. In this sense, the Individualized Education Plan does not end with its mere compilation, but becomes a real pedagogical tool that – if used by all the actors involved and by students – is able to improve the Quality of Life of people with impairment. In this contribution, we propose a reflection on this connection between IEP and Life Project, introducing – through the perspective of Disability Studies – some elements of analysis in order to problematize the same concept of inclusion.