The University betrayed: an exploratory survey on on line teaching in the times of Covid-19


What happens to university students during the COVID 19 emergency, when the University is betrayed (in the literal sense of the term, i.e. transported in a new dimension), and students leave the lessons in presence, to suddenly move to on line platforms? This is what we wanted to investigate in a qualitative-quantitative research, carried out in two phases: the first phase involved a hundred students at the University of Salento who, from April to June 2020, together with their friends scattered all over the world, told their daily emotions through stories and videos. In the second phase a survey was conducted, from October to December 2020, on a sample of 506 university students, mainly Apulian, to verify how they are experiencing the "betrayal" / translation of teaching in the virtual space. The aim of the research is to explore the university re-mediation of students during Covid 19 and the paradigm shift accelerated by the pandemic, going beyond rhetoric and common sense. The results of the research reveal that, according to the perceptions of the students involved, on line emergency teaching works when the teacher manages to build a good educational relationship with students through the design of teaching, dialogue, and a stimulating and constructive atmosphere.