Training needs and digital skills of Italian teachers involved into “PON Program for School 2014-2020”: an analytical perspective for supporting a new reflection on online learning

The health emergency caused by the spread of COVID-19 during 2020-21 forced schools of all levels to provide online education. The complexity of the situation that has emerged and the problems that have immediately spread has stimulated debate on various aspects of the issue, in particular on the effectiveness and usefulness of distance teaching. This paper investigates one of the basic aspects to ensure a quality teaching in remote on which the media and academic attention has dwelt with less insistence: the issue of digital skills and teacher training as key elements to support this new way of teaching. The analysis proposed here focuses on the training needs regarding the digital skills expressed by the teachers of the Italian schools who participated in the courses of the Programming PON 2014-2020. The study is based on data collected with a survey for teachers (1.673 respondents) and administered between April and September 2018.This study tries to highlight the tools and objectives of improvement that Italian teachers are posed in relation to the use of ICT for educational purposes and their attitude towards digital.  This work also aims at reflecting on a different perspective of analysis that can open to intervention spaces in support of the school.