The training of education's professionals between complexity and specificity in the era of educational emergencies. A laboratory experiment at the University


The paper intends to propose a reflection about the kind of university training to provide to educa-tion professionals, now more necessary than ever. This considering the social complexity that is affecting the whole Europe and that makes increasingly worrying the working environment of these professionals. It is paramount that the training of highly complex professional figures guaran-tees the tools for an expert acting, that can be transferred to specific contexts and situations, in-deed. In this regard, the paper shows the first results of a workshop experience in planning social activities involving a group of about thirty female students enrolled in the first year of Educational Sciences at the University of Urbino Carlo Bo. The workshop path is intended to offer the partici-pants a direct confrontation with the complexity of current educational challenges. The purpose is to integrate theoretical knowledge and procedural learning in order to build an integrated curricu-lum, able to provide right from the start skills that can be used in education.