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  • Mediacognitive Education

    Today, digital tools are an integral part of our social fabric, and this leads us to reflect on two interrelated aspects: transformation and awareness. By transformation, we are referring to those spaces where social interaction takes place, and which, thanks to the continual growth of internet…


    The relational aspect of the school-family relationship at the time of Covid-19: a reflection in terms of inclusion of students with disabilities

    This article describes the results of a research that involved 814 school operators on the inclusive processes activated in the school during the lockdown. The survey, conducted through the administration of a questionnaire, was aimed at understanding if and how much DaD has succeeded in ensuring…


    The digital resource and the gamification for the training of young people focused on the occupational safety and health’s at work

    The digital skills are fundamental to make adequate use of the digital services of the public administration and to access to the world of work. In learning contexts, it is therefore important to increase the use of digital technologies in order to improve learning processes and to develop new…


    The role of the teacher in distance learning, between covid-19 emergency, new learning environments and opportunities for educational innovation

    The paper examines the impact of web-mediated communication on teaching, with particular reference to the dematerialization of the learning environment. The educational environment is analyzed from the psycho-pedagogical point of view in its meaning of “place of training”, part of the didactic…


    Teacher's training and evaluation culture

    Italian school is wondering about the changes to be introduced to improve the effectiveness of educational paths. These questions highlight the need to promote a culture of evaluation approaches by adopting new assessment on which to base educational decision-making processes in order to improve the…


    Using Social Networks at school. A case study

    With the advent of the web, the way we produce and manage knowledge has been profoundly changed. This technological development makes available ever more versatile instruments that are able to access and manage increasing quantities of diversified information. It is important to observe these new…


    Interview with Stefania Capogna

    A scuola di social media è un lavoro di ricerca teorico-empirica che si focalizza sul ruolo che l’istituzione educativa può e deve svolgere nella nuova società della rete che fa intravedere rinnovate configurazioni sociali attraverso cui la comunità può esprimersi. Il lavoro è indirizzato a…


    Tools, Education and Training

    The notion of education is linked to the acquisition of the alphabets needed to communicate, produce and be able to reflect on knowledge, but is also closely linked to the ability of each person to be able to combine, in a creative way, the alphabets acquired as well as to rework them in order to…


    Innovation in the school: the curriculum tool

    Different implicit approaches to promoting innovation in education can be explored through the decision making of curriculum, reflecting what is taught to students and how the students are taught. This paper discusses a profile of innovation rationales for the central and school-based approaches to…


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