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  • Industry 4.0 and occupational safety and health: a model for analysing organisational resilience in the use of collaborative robots

    The implementation of advanced manufacturing solutions in companies makes possible to improve the productivity, quality and production flexibility introducing new types of human-machine interactions that require appropriate assessment from an occupational health and safety perspective. In this…


    Teachers in Finland and Italy, research findings

    What is the academic path of aspiring teachers? What is the perception of this role in the community? Theachers’ training is today more than ever a current topic. Different competences are requested from teacher, including planning and organizational skills in the face of the changing interests…


    Mobbing: psychological terrorism in the workplace

    Mobbing concerns a work situation in which the worker is the victim of persecutory actions by one or more attackers who may find themselves in positions of superiority, inferiority or equality. The actions are very heterogeneous and range from simple marginalization to the assignment of…


    For a pedagogy of culture

    The contribute offer a reflection about education’s meaning and invite us to recover the value of instruction and formation for the purpose of human realization. Only through education the individual can to rehabilitate the thought’s liberty, idea’s strength, his creative capacity and express…


    Evaluation of learning

    The problem of evaluation is an old problem, because every time we take initiatives to achieve a training objective, we also feel the need to check if the objectives are achievable. Evaluation processes today use new technologies that are able to meet this need, but it is also necessary to give the…


    Teacher's training and evaluation culture

    Italian school is wondering about the changes to be introduced to improve the effectiveness of educational paths. These questions highlight the need to promote a culture of evaluation approaches by adopting new assessment on which to base educational decision-making processes in order to improve the…


    Tools, Education and Training

    The notion of education is linked to the acquisition of the alphabets needed to communicate, produce and be able to reflect on knowledge, but is also closely linked to the ability of each person to be able to combine, in a creative way, the alphabets acquired as well as to rework them in order to…


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