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  • Schools and territory between network and community

    Educational agencies are going through a difficult transition period that is having important consequences in terms of de-legitimation of the social mandate historically assigned to school. The reason of this widespread uneasiness is due to the fact that today we are living in a complex system where…


    Interview with Stefania Capogna

    A scuola di social media è un lavoro di ricerca teorico-empirica che si focalizza sul ruolo che l’istituzione educativa può e deve svolgere nella nuova società della rete che fa intravedere rinnovate configurazioni sociali attraverso cui la comunità può esprimersi. Il lavoro è indirizzato a…


    Towards an educating community

    The social system is profoundly changed, producing important consequences both in the school, and in our "communities." The concept of community is polysemic and various, depending on the perspective from which we study it. So, this essay focuses on the nature of the school as educational community.…


    Literacy: aspects, uses and applications

    Literacy is the word that we used to refer to competence’s set that include capacities to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate and compute, using printed and written materials associated with varying contexts. “Literacy involves a continuum of learning in enabling individuals to…


    Innovation in the school: the curriculum tool

    Different implicit approaches to promoting innovation in education can be explored through the decision making of curriculum, reflecting what is taught to students and how the students are taught. This paper discusses a profile of innovation rationales for the central and school-based approaches to…


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