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    The article starts from some solicitations of Pope Francis regarding the urgency of a new ecological thought, which permeates culture and education tout court, and of a new vision of the human person that is characterized by its tension to recognize in the "other" a brother. In particular, it…


    Training needs and digital skills of Italian teachers involved into “PON Program for School 2014-2020”: an analytical perspective for supporting a new reflection on online learning

    The health emergency caused by the spread of COVID-19 during 2020-21 forced schools of all levels to provide online education. The complexity of the situation that has emerged and the problems that have immediately spread has stimulated debate on various aspects of the issue, in particular on the…


    Analysis and documentation of facilitators and barriers at school: an analysis model from an ICF perspective

    From an ICF perspective, observing facilitators and barriers is a fundamental step in building inclusive school settings. This article proposes a model of analysis and documentation, based on general levels (the school, organization, resources and services) and specific levels (the classroom,…


    The digital resource and the gamification for the training of young people focused on the occupational safety and health’s at work

    The digital skills are fundamental to make adequate use of the digital services of the public administration and to access to the world of work. In learning contexts, it is therefore important to increase the use of digital technologies in order to improve learning processes and to develop new…


    Distance school: physical or social?

    The paper intends to highlight the issues concerning educational poverty at the time of Covid-19 and how the inequalities that are encountered in the school environment in contexts of educational normality have become acute and / or have acquired new forms in the phases I and II. The changes in the…


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