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  • When digital educational poverty and educational poverty do not coincide: socio-demographic and cultural description, digital skills, educational questions

    The survey carried out as part of "Digital Connections", a two-year project by Save the Children with the Research Center on Education for Media, Innovation and Technology (CREMIT) of the Catholic University, detects a significant number of minors of lower secondary schools in which the condition of…


    Small Schools and Educational Poverty Dimensions of analysis, interpretation of weaknesses, training interventions

    Territorial inequality, and the consequent economic impoverishment, mean that instead of the urban dimension “typical” of the collective imagination a whole series of “minor” realities emerge, located in mountains, islands, internal and remote areas or in the suburbs of the country. In these…


    Enhancement of skills and prevention of early school leaving: the instrumental function of didactic action in the school of complexity

    The paper examines the main causes of educational poverty (economic crisis, inadequate redistribution of wealth, quality of education and training, personal choices); the social effects that can derive from the emulation of models in which the logic of “everything and now” prevails and the role…


    Projects to counter educational poverty of third-country citizens in Italy: create educational and vocational guidance networks and pathways

    In Italy, the right to study is guaranteed without any discrimination to Italians and foreigners (Article 34 of the Constitution). Among the national targets there is the aim to invest on training actions of operators and on renewal of educational and vocational guidance measures, also aimed at…


    The EduSostenibile project and co-planning interventions: strategies and tools for combating educational poverty

    The contribution presents the research-training implemented within the EduSostenibile project, funded by the “Con i Bambini Foundation”. The project proposal has promoted the birth and development of Educating Communities which has resulted in the construction of eight Territorial Educational…


    Research and analysis of data on perceived self-efficacy in professional educators and in the change of organizational structures in pedagogical emergencies

    The purpose of this contribution is to evaluate the self-efficacy perceived by the educator who operates in contexts of disability in the management of complex problems (Bandura, 2006) such as those characterizing the period of health and social emergency derived from COVID-19, where educational…


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