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  • Analysis and documentation of facilitators and barriers at school: an analysis model from an ICF perspective

    From an ICF perspective, observing facilitators and barriers is a fundamental step in building inclusive school settings. This article proposes a model of analysis and documentation, based on general levels (the school, organization, resources and services) and specific levels (the classroom,…


    Coronavirus: the chance of inclusive teacher

    The objective of this article is to identify the indispensable and qualifying element of inclusive practices, long in the educational and scholastic vocabulary, but made dramatically prioritized by the pandemic: the inclusive attitude of the teacher. This objective requires the rethinking and…


    The relational aspect of the school-family relationship at the time of Covid-19: a reflection in terms of inclusion of students with disabilities

    This article describes the results of a research that involved 814 school operators on the inclusive processes activated in the school during the lockdown. The survey, conducted through the administration of a questionnaire, was aimed at understanding if and how much DaD has succeeded in ensuring…


    Promoting inclusion through “distance contact”: the Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow project during health emergency

    The national health emergency, caused by the spread of Covid-19, involved the school system and required an effort to the school-family alliance and to institutions in order to promote e-learning. The paper describes strategies adopted to reschedule an educational project for primary schools,…


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