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    The article starts from some solicitations of Pope Francis regarding the urgency of a new ecological thought, which permeates culture and education tout court, and of a new vision of the human person that is characterized by its tension to recognize in the "other" a brother. In particular, it…


    Pedagogy of Work: historical reference coordinates

    To outline the characterizing traits of work as an aspect of human education, it is essential to cross the pedagogical reflection diachronically, underlining those plots on which the pedagogical discourse around work is based. Work, a word used to identify both actions related to fatigue and effort,…


    Pedagogical studies and emotional development

    Modern society, or as in J.-F. Lyotard’s (1979) words, postmodern society, is always more frequently identified as a vessel containing the conditions of human distress which derive from “destructive emotions”; these emotions change the surrounding environment such that they are eventually out…


    Mediacognitive Education

    Today, digital tools are an integral part of our social fabric, and this leads us to reflect on two interrelated aspects: transformation and awareness. By transformation, we are referring to those spaces where social interaction takes place, and which, thanks to the continual growth of internet…


    Socially Assistive Robotics and Inclusive Education: theoretical perspectives and practical applications in intellectual disability

    This contribution, examining the Socially Assistive Robotics (SAR), an emerging form of Assistive Technology that incorporates all robotic systems capable of providing assistance through social interaction (Feil-Seifer & Mataric, 2005), aims to initiate an organic reflection on the potential…


    Digital ethics

    In the innovative climate of continuous experimentation in which we are involved, development should be regulated not only by technical-scientific disciplines but also by humanistic ones such as education, psychology, anthropology and philosophy in order to train scientists to program machines that…


    For gender pedagogy. Education, school and society

    Pattern of thinking have impacted the gender difference for a long time with the distribution of roles and different task depending on the gender. The attention for the physic nature, for the character and for the attitude of the men and women has product generalization, where models and stereotypes…


    Scholl Speadness in Sardinia and the bet of the project Tutti a Iscol@! taking place st the “Dante Alighieri” secondary school in Selargius

    The scholastic spread and dispersion is a complex phenomenon that is extended to the entire education system. The international community has for a long time invested in addressing the human right that every child has at an education, which is, therefore, an inalienable right that is due to every…


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