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    The contribute offer a reflection about education’s meaning and invite us to recover the value of instruction and formation for the purpose of human realization. Only through education the individual can to rehabilitate the thought’s liberty, idea’s strength, his creative capacity and express…


    (Re)Discovering to be an european citize The necessity of the education to European Citizenship in order to (ac)knowledge the active role to play in the Unio

    It has been 13 years since the European Year of Citizenship Through Education. The need of the role of the education relating to European Union’s issues is now clearer and clearer. Indeed, even though the Treaties define every inhabitant of the Member States as “citizen” and give him or her…


    The educator, «teacher of cordial virtues»

    Rethinking the role of educator in formal and non-formal educational context: this is the objective of the article. In the reflection we remember the Law 205 (c. 594-601) that regulates the profession. To recognize the value of the educator, we recall the studies of John Dewey, Maria Montessori,…


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