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  • Labour-Market, Jobless Growth and Lifelong Guidance

    This article analyses the interactions between labour-market dynamics, education and lifelong-learning policies, by examining the principal changes in the economic system and in the strategic role of education in today’s knowledge society, in relation to critical global-scenario issues, like the…


    Lifelong learning inside Lerning Organization

    Every organization shall check an activity list in order to make profit; each activity is itself depending on a series of bonds (technology, assets, human resources, infrastructures...). In-business Learning is an essential bond: without it business process could even decade till complete breakout.…


    Literacy: aspects, uses and applications

    Literacy is the word that we used to refer to competence’s set that include capacities to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate and compute, using printed and written materials associated with varying contexts. “Literacy involves a continuum of learning in enabling individuals to…


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