Affectivity and Education in Pandemic Era: the Sociological Perspective in Gender Differences in Bullying and Cyberbullying

Affectivity and emotions are central to sociological reflection, especially if applied to the bullying (Olweus, 1996; Chiarugi, Anichini, 2012) and cyberbullying (Civita, 2006; 2022) study. These are complex social phenomena that, among many variables, are characterized by “gender” (Perasso, Barone, 2018) in a pandemic and social confinement time, in which social relations have continued online. If on the one hand, the digital environment, enabled teens to experience online relationships, on the other hand has also allowed the transposition of violent behaviours. The essay aims to investigate the link between emotions, affective dimension and gender in onlife bullying and cyberbullying dynamics (Floridi, 2015), through the sociological approach and human and social sciences, providing scientific and statistical recognition, new reflections, between usual time and “post” pandemic time.