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Philosophical anthropology during the late-modernity

The initial definition of thruth (i.e.: the equivalence between being and soul, or thought) has been criticized during the philosophical late Modernity. Both “being” and “thought”, in fact, were considered inconsistent. The picture changed with the so called linguistic turn: in this…


Mobbing: psychological terrorism in the workplace

Mobbing concerns a work situation in which the worker is the victim of persecutory actions by one or more attackers who may find themselves in positions of superiority, inferiority or equality. The actions are very heterogeneous and range from simple marginalization to the assignment of…


Labour-Market, Jobless Growth and Lifelong Guidance

This article analyses the interactions between labour-market dynamics, education and lifelong-learning policies, by examining the principal changes in the economic system and in the strategic role of education in today’s knowledge society, in relation to critical global-scenario issues, like the…


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