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Situated Learning and Serious Games

The spread of technologies, of the growing human-machine interaction, of the culture of simulation and, in particular, of video games has led to the definition of a new anthropological model, the Homo Game, in which the playful dimension, increasingly linked to the technological one, has become…


Fascist schooling and education in the Ionian Land

Education and schooling represented for fascism, through indoctrination, one of the privileged strategies for obtaining the consent and mobilization of the entire Italian population, which was somehow brought to homologation with the prevailing principles and ideologies. But fascism cannot only be…


Inclusion, school and society

The article starts from some solicitations of Pope Francis regarding the urgency of a new ecological thought, which permeates culture and education tout court, and of a new vision of the human person that is characterized by its tension to recognize in the "other" a brother. In particular, it…


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