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“Relativity culture” in crisis time

Change and innovation have spread on as new landmarks in a networked society, where new cultural challenges are now shaping up: even more so in the present crisis time, stressed by persisting Sars Cov-2 pandemia, and they are now looking forward to getting proper responses and interventions that…


Emotional upbringing and corporeality

This article suggests a consideration on value of corpo reality, that have been for a long time disregarded in formal educational situations, where cognitive and intellectual dimension of students has been given more preference in comparison with the one given to their own emozional lives, like this…


Coronavirus: the chance of inclusive teacher

The objective of this article is to identify the indispensable and qualifying element of inclusive practices, long in the educational and scholastic vocabulary, but made dramatically prioritized by the pandemic: the inclusive attitude of the teacher. This objective requires the rethinking and…


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