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Coronavirus: the chance of inclusive teacher

The objective of this article is to identify the indispensable and qualifying element of inclusive practices, long in the educational and scholastic vocabulary, but made dramatically prioritized by the pandemic: the inclusive attitude of the teacher. This objective requires the rethinking and…


Digital ethics

In the innovative climate of continuous experimentation in which we are involved, development should be regulated not only by technical-scientific disciplines but also by humanistic ones such as education, psychology, anthropology and philosophy in order to train scientists to program machines that…


For gender pedagogy. Education, school and society

Pattern of thinking have impacted the gender difference for a long time with the distribution of roles and different task depending on the gender. The attention for the physic nature, for the character and for the attitude of the men and women has product generalization, where models and stereotypes…


The digital resource and the gamification for the training of young people focused on the occupational safety and health’s at work

The digital skills are fundamental to make adequate use of the digital services of the public administration and to access to the world of work. In learning contexts, it is therefore important to increase the use of digital technologies in order to improve learning processes and to develop new…


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