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New pedagogical perspectives to promote integration, between the educational system and the world of work: career education as an opportunity for personal and vocational growth

In function of educational practice, aimed at supporting the individual in the complex development of personal growth, guidance is outlined as a continuous process of deconstruction and reconstruction of one’s existence in a form that is at the same time autopoietic (the individual is the author…


Pedagogy of Work: historical reference coordinates

To outline the characterizing traits of work as an aspect of human education, it is essential to cross the pedagogical reflection diachronically, underlining those plots on which the pedagogical discourse around work is based. Work, a word used to identify both actions related to fatigue and effort,…


A forerunner of women's gymnastics and school and scouting educational model: Georges Hébert and the virtues of the Natural Method of Physical and Moral Education

A supporter of women's emancipation, Georges Hébert founded in 1918 “La Palestra”, a gymnastics school for women and children, considered the flagship of what was called “Méthode naturelle d'éducation physique, virile et morale”, a method that combined training of physical abilities,…



In questo numero della rivista QTimes - Journal of Education, Technology and Social Studies si propone uno spaccato del dibattito nazionale sulle competenze non cognitive. Il contenuto riportato in auge dal disegno di legge n. 2493 approvato alla Camera dei deputati l’11 gennaio 2022, afferma…


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