Assessment for learning in "Differentiated Instruction” Authentic educational constructs and processes of inclusive protagonism


Formative assessment (assessment for learning) plays a significant role not only in understanding what students know (outcomes), but also in determining the best conditions for the expression of talents and, inclusively, in responding to personal needs in order to achieve authentic and meaningful narratives of learning, as well as a specific teaching form. Of extreme interest at school are the processes of educational assessment as functionally considered by the "Differentiated Instruction" (Tomlinson, 2022; d'Alonzo, 2016), which, within a rational epistemological framework, point out the conditions for the personalized construction of learning contexts and dimensions where the challenging equity - and not the marginalizing homogeneity of expected common levels - the attention to diversity and the respect for readiness and personal elaboration and re-elaboration profiles are to be pursued.