Cooperative approaches and ICTs for promoting social inclusion at school. Lessons from a scoping review

Cooperative approaches and technology are recognized as key issues in the contemporary debate on how to promote social inclusion in schools. Within the ongoing EU Project COoPING (Erasmus+ KA210-SCH) the links between them were explored through a scoping review. The ERIC database was queried to identify relevant empirical studies published in the last ten years. The study selection process – guided by inclusion and exclusion criteria – led to the inclusion of eight empirical studies. The selected articles were charted, and transversal themes were analyzed and narratively reported. The results show the potential of technology to support cooperation and social inclusion at school. At the same time, it warns about some methodological and theoretical cautions to be aware of when introducing it in didactic and formative activities. The findings informed a co-designed intervention with teachers and educators involved in the project.