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When digital educational poverty and educational poverty do not coincide: socio-demographic and cultural description, digital skills, educational questions

The survey carried out as part of "Digital Connections", a two-year project by Save the Children with the Research Center on Education for Media, Innovation and Technology (CREMIT) of the Catholic University, detects a significant number of minors of lower secondary schools in which the condition of…


Innovative teaching and inclusive pedagogy. The experience of students in the School of Relations and Responsibility

The paper presents the results of a first exploratory survey on an innovative teaching project, created on the initiative of some teachers interested in practicing formative and orienting assessment with strength and continuity, as well as inclusive pedagogical methodologies. The project – “The…


The role of work experiences as guidance factor for professional development. Results from a digital internship programme in Higher Education

The paper introduces the theoretical and methodological framework behind the design of a digital internship programme (Tirocinio-on) and the related tools based on the constructs of self-directed guidance, digital work-integrated learning and career management skills. The programme involved a total…


Strengthening metaphonological education and musical play for the development of reading and writing prerequisites in an inclusive perspective. A trial in kindergarten

The article presents a two-year trial aimed to develop reading and writing pre-requisites in kindergarten through the enhancement of metaphonological and musical activities. On the basis of scientific evidence, it is reasonable to suppose that the use of musical play may represent a promising…


Exploring the effects of Covid-19 pandemic on European project’s design and management: the analysis of the University of Bologna and the KU Leuven’s experiences

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced higher education systems in most parts of the world to quickly adapt to face the emergency. While a certain amount of research has focused on analysing the influence of the pandemic on teaching and learning practices or on international mobility, less interest has…


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