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Sexuality & disability: an exploratory study

The combination of disability and sexuality is a topic which still deserves deep analysis within the special-pedagogical research field, still dealing with taboos and prejudices. Teachers may promote a new culture of sexuality (within and with disability), only if they are seriously trained to…


Industry 4.0 and occupational safety and health: a model for analysing organisational resilience in the use of collaborative robots

The implementation of advanced manufacturing solutions in companies makes possible to improve the productivity, quality and production flexibility introducing new types of human-machine interactions that require appropriate assessment from an occupational health and safety perspective. In this…


Research trends in Educational Neuroscience: Textual Analysis and mapping of the latest scholarly publications

Despite the existing debate about the potential critical issues in translating neuroscientific findings into effective educational practices, Educational Neuroscience (EN) could be defined as an interdisciplinary field involving different perspectives and research areas in in constantly developing.…


Designing a graphic-music alphabet as a possible tool to promote reading skills in students at risk of dyslexia in primary school

Educational intervention by means of music implies improvements in language and sound recognition related to a certain letter, as the musical sound can support the written symbol. The auditory stimulation resulting from listening is a mechanism through which the child can therefore improve in letter…


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