Dimensions and inclusiveness indicators for the design and implementation of the IEP in a critical-transformative perspective


The inclusive horizon, understood as a potentially infinite process, opens up the acquisition of a critical-transformative perspective by the schools called upon to follow this process. The definition of the IEP is the planning act where the need to foster cultures, make choices and plan and implement inclusive practices is realized. The IEP, as a concrete expression of synthesis of the inclusive dimensions of the school, should ensure the achievement of those indicators, presence, participation and progress with others, which seem to identify inclusive practices in the classroom. The contribution intends to provide a possible reference for schools and teachers who want to adopt a critical-transformative perspective that is substantiated in the definition and implementation of the IEP in its function of connecting macro and microsystems, within the relational model of the ICF and of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.