Evaluating for Redesign: A Mixed-Methods Study on the Demographic Changes of Students in the Master’s Degree Program in Teacher Education Education


This paper presents the results of an evaluation research project conducted at the University of Milano-Bicocca's Master's Degree Program in Teacher Education. The research used a mixed-methods sequential explanatory design to: a) describe the changing socio-demographic and occupational profiles of students; and b) explore factors that affect their university experience. The logistic regressions performed on the survey (N=1141) data showed that, regardless of employment status and prior degrees, regular class attendance (whether in person or online) helped reduce delays. Qualitative insights were derived from thematic analysis of data from seven focus groups (N=60) and revealed that students desire a deeper theory-practice integration and appreciate educational technologies, especially for remote learners. The paper will discuss how these insights can be used to initiate the redesign of the different areas of the degree program.