Evaluation practices of newly hired teachers: peer to peer observation to qualify the teaching-learning process


The contribution deepens the evaluation practices with a specific focus on the induction phase of the newly hired teacher and the strategic function of training and peer observation activities carried out with the mentor teacher (Bleach, 2013; Magnoler, 2018; Fiorucci & Moretti, 2019, 2022). The research involved 1.418 mentor teachers and 1.331 newly hired teachers in service at schools of all levels in the Lazio region. In this context, a Checklist aimed to observe and analyze the ways in which teaching activities were carried out was used and validated (Moretti & Morini, 2022). The Checklist can be used contextually by the mentor teacher, in the form of hetero-evaluation, and by the newly hired teacher, in the form of self-evaluation. In this paper the outcomes of the research are reported with reference to the two dimensions of the Checklists that relate to the student evaluation process (Domenici, 2003; Notti, 2014). The analysis of the results shows how the culture of formative feedback seems to be widespread among newly hired teachers while the use of certain devices and tools to support evaluative practice would reserve more attention.