Giving voice to the needs of adults at work in the age of smart working. The case of an ICT company


The emergency caused by the SARS-coV-2 virus has generated radical transformations in people's lives. This article analyzes one of the most widespread changes that the pandemic has introduced into work settings: the adoption of diversified forms of smart working. Starting from the observation that workplaces represent spaces of formal and informal learning and education (Yang, Watkins & Marsick, 2004), this article aims to discuss how to involve professionals themselves in the processes of knowledge production that see them personally involved through collaborative research approaches. Starting from a case study - involving an established ICT company in the Italian context: ACI Informatica S.p.A. - we will discuss the possibility of widening the opportunities for professionals to take part in knowledge management processes, and, as insiders, to participate in the production processes of that same knowledge, the basis for defining their professional and personal development trajectories.