Inclusion and post-pandemic: hints for a reinterpretation of bell hooks’ pedagogy

Starting from the original suggestions offered by the thought of bell hooks, we intend to decline some of the concepts of the author within the framework of the pedagogy of inclusion. The post-Covid condition has left us a school profile, unbalanced digital training, which needs to be reviewed by an engaged pedagogy in order to be enjoyed by each and every one on an inclusive perspective. bell hooks invites teachers to speak out for a radical change that brings to the fore the stories and biographies of students whose behavior is often restricted in mainstream school. In this regard, Italian children’s literature is populated by characters, such as Gian Burrasca (Vamba, 1907), who represents a singularity that must be regulated and brought back to a standard behavioral level, as required by the school legislative indications that have followed one another over the decades. In order to make a real change of course, it is essential, in the wake of the reflections of bell hooks, to bring together the demands of freedom and equality typical of inclusive education aimed at enhancing in teaching differences, of every singularity present at school, without exception.