Orientation of italian state schools abroad: the experience of the state omni-comprehensive school in Addis Abeba

Italian State Schools abroad constantly face an important challenge: guiding their students to face academic and informational barriers to University entry, combining the spread of Italian Culture abroad with the potential and real possibilities students have to move and get grants and scholarships available for foreign students to attend academic courses on the Italian National territory. Our Diplomatic Cultural Network includes seven State Schools in Addis Ababa, Istanbul, Zurich, Madrid and Barcelona,Paris and Athens, all of which offer high school and technical courses. A strong orientation program is set by this schools network enabling students to interactively engage with other cultures and university realities, focusing on Italian academic excellence. Our schools are committed to stimulating their students towards paths of excellence thanks to the managers and teachers’ dedication to help their students to shape academic goals and to achieve them through scolarships. Obtaining a Visa requires the attention and a joint collaboration between the Diplomatic and the school staff.  The aim of the essay is to investigate the desires of students at the Italian state school in Addis Ababa and to analyse the perspectives of Italian-Ethiopian students regarding university education.