Projects to counter educational poverty of third-country citizens in Italy: create educational and vocational guidance networks and pathways


In Italy, the right to study is guaranteed without any discrimination to Italians and foreigners (Article 34 of the Constitution). Among the national targets there is the aim to invest on training actions of operators and on renewal of educational and vocational guidance measures, also aimed at vulnerable groups such as third county citizens (Fiorucci, 2000, 2015; MIUR, 2006, 2014). Thus, in order to contrast educational poverty, the project AMIF-FARO “Fare Rete e Orientare” (2019-2021) aims to create a capacity building pathway for stakeholders engaged in guidance actions with foreigners. This paper presents results of the first phase of research relating to the recognition of training needs and work practises of actors involved in educational and vocational guidance in Lombardia and Lazio.