Quarantine emotions: investigation of the impact of Covid-19 in preschool children. Analysis for a psycho-pedagogical proposal


This research investigates and analyses the emotional, social, and relational responses and attitudes put in place by children in order to react to the health emergency caused by the spread of Covid-19. Moreover, this study aims to develop an educational intervention tool that can be available to teachers at the resumption of the school year. The focus of this article is related to the disclosure of the data collected, the analysis that has been carried out so far, and the guidelines for a planned educational intervention proposal. The research involved a sample of 50 children from 3 to 6 years old linked to different kindergartens in the Italian territory. This group, as a matter of fact, was subject to less consideration by the institutions. The study, therefore, seeks to understand the psychophysical state of the children in quarantine through psychometric tests that have evaluated the ability to recognize emotions and the Theory Of Mind (TOM) which was enriched by a survey built ad hoc to assess the perception of children in relation to the current health emergency. The administration was carried out electronically, respecting and protecting the privacy of minors.