Research and analysis of data on perceived self-efficacy in professional educators and in the change of organizational structures in pedagogical emergencies


The purpose of this contribution is to evaluate the self-efficacy perceived by the educator who operates in contexts of disability in the management of complex problems (Bandura, 2006) such as those characterizing the period of health and social emergency derived from COVID-19, where educational deprivation amplifies the risk of new poverty. The research has been conducted through the administration to a sample of 100 professional educators through the platform Google Modules during the lockdown of the Perceived Self-Efficacy scale in the management of complex problems (Farnese, Avallone, Pepe, Porcelli, 2007). The results obtained allow us to analyse the convictions of self-efficacy perceived by educators and also to identify an indispensable device of educational work in pedagogical supervision (Bouchamma, Giguère, April, 2019), for which a permanent, non-emergency space must be presided and contingent (Nickson, Carter, Francis, 2020).