Research on inclusive teaching as a bridge between theory and practice: an exploratory survey of support teachers in training at the University of Foggia


This paper explores the fundamental contribution of scientific research in improving and informing instructional practice, with a focus on its application in heterogeneous classrooms. Through a critical review of the existing literature, the paper highlights how scientific research provides fundamental guidelines and insights into innovative teaching strategies and effective methodologies for addressing learners' individuality. With this in mind, an exploratory survey was conducted with 596 support teachers in training at the University of Foggia's TFA Support (F=81.9%) aimed at investigating attitudes and beliefs toward inclusive processes, through the SACI questionnaire (Castellana et al., 2023). The results show that 52% of the sample have never conducted trainings on inclusion processes and tools; 38.4% believe that it is more difficult to promote the participation of all students in a classroom where there are learners with different Educational Needs but that the heterogeneity of learning levels does not lead to slowdowns in teaching (43.6% of the sample).