Students with SLD between school and relationships. Emotional and behavioural difficulties


This paper aims, through the analysis of some of the latest studies conducted, to highlight the correlations between the diagnosis of SLD and the presence of emotional, social and behavioral problems. Students with SLD, often show a reduced ability to adapt to the school and relational context, with negative consequences for personal well-being and quality of life. In particular, there is low motivation to study, lack of confidence in one's own abilities, low self-esteem, perceptions and expectations with negative connotations regarding academic performance and interpersonal skills. These characteristics can affect emotional and behavioral functioning, and often also generate a risk of social isolation, which leads to school dropout. The difficulties encountered can be both internalizing, with the presence of higher levels of depression and anxiety than peers, and externalizing, with the implementation of provocative and/or aggressive behaviors. Finally, a clinical case will be presented, with which a network work has been carried out between school and family.