Teacher Training and the Course for the 5 ECTS Credits: Satisfaction with the Quality of the Service Perceived by the Teachers


The paper reflects on satisfaction as an evaluative measure of perceived quality; in particular, on the satisfaction with the quality of the service on the part of the secondary school teachers who passed the extraordinary competition and followed the training course to acquire the 5 ECTS credits, as required by Ministerial Decree 180/2022. The literature on satisfaction with service quality highlights the complexity of the construct and proposes various interpretative and analysis models. This empirical research, of an exploratory nature, adopts the model tested in Italy by INVALSI, referring to the SERVQUAL and SERVPERF models. A battery of items was developed starting from the INVALSI model. 978 Italian teachers responded to the questionnaire. The data analyzes show the factorial model that emerged and the statistically significant relationships for various aspects of satisfaction, constituting feedback for the University that provided the training course.