Teachers' digital behaviour and self-efficacy on digital skills: the outcomes of an empirical study


The research is of an exploratory nature and constitutes an initial study phase describing the digital habits and behaviour of the teaching staff during the period in which the 2007-2013 PON was in effect in the Regions covered by the Convergence Objective (Calabria, Campania, Puglia e Sicilia). The present paper, taking the availability of ICTs as a necessary condition for the development of digital competencies in the classroom, offers a number of reflections on the relation between the perception of one’s own self-efficacy in the use of ICTs and the use of technology in personal didactic action. The observation of one’s perception of one’s own digital self-efficacy follows two lines of inquiry. On the one hand, what is measured is the level of faith that teachers have in their own professional competence. On the other, an articulation of digital competence in the main activities that are connected to it is suggested.