The contribution of Medical Humanities in the training of post-Covid-19 health and care professionals


The current Covid-19 pandemic is revealing - in all its drama - how the biological problem is actually strongly interconnected with human, social, political, environmental and justice factors. The prevalence of corporalized, hyper-specialized, technological health care and the medicalization of forms of social hardship have ended up severely penalizing personal assistance, local services and interpersonal relationships. In this scenario, the article intends to discuss the use of Medical Humanities in the training of health and care professionals, trying to highlight the pedagogical implications, in the light of national and international studies on the topic. The need to think about a new and “complex” post-Covid-19 training model requires to deepen the relationship between Medical Humanities and Health Humanities, contextualizing it within the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda, towards Planetary Health Humanities.